Solitude in confinement

the bliss of solitude;
And then my heart with pleasure fills,
And dances with the daffodils.

I wandered lonely as a cloud, William Wordsworth

Ever locked yourself in the bathroom when the noise, the questions or the space gets a little too loud, insistent or suffocating?

I know it’s true for me ( smiling sheepishly here). Between kids, chores, housekeeping and when every second sentence begins with the word “Amma!” (as loudly and emphatically as possible); a breather is found in this unlikely place where no one questions your motives.

The bathroom offers the solitude I crave to recentre, recalibrate and surrender my sighs to heaven. Weird! I know. But that solitude is priceless. The silence strengthening.

On a normal day I would have had the house to myself- the kids at school, the husband at work. This lockdown, which has gone on for over two months now, has been a trying time for me. Not because of the extra work or the confinement but because finding such moments have been difficult.

If you are feeling overwhelmed or anxious, being alone to be mindful helps calm the storm. Experiencing that solitude feels like the clearing up of a fogged glass- a revelation of what’s inside. No words need be spoken, no thoughts explained, no discussion entered into; like a doorway to the Lord has opened up and my innermost being has found quietude. Bliss! As Wordsworth so succinctly put it.

Photo courtesy: Joyal Antony Thomas

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Help!learning is now online!

Photo by Julia M Cameron from Pexels

I feel you’re asking too much. I realize you believe I have untapped reserves of thick, pure, never-ending strength. But I aim, no, I beg to differ. This is an anvil on my brain; the Tom and Jerry cartoon kind that causes long bumps on the head.
Oh wait, I didn’t say what I was waxing painfully poetic about?
Online classes! The after-effect of a puny, spike –ridden, no-good virus (air quotes) that I would like to vaccinate the pulp out of.
I’m a mother of two intelligent, polite, obedient, the best of the best (note the injection of sarcasm here [wink]) children ,who along with love, devotion, three to four well-balanced meals , encouragement, now require a higher percent of my intelligence pertaining to my right brain! Video on, audio on, mute, unmute aargh! There is definitely pain and no glory.
My main foe here is Mathematics (obviously). We mother’s are highly educated, common sense-wielding parents. Yet a pursuit of history, literature, philosophy and other shenanigans have not prepared me for my fight with rational numbers.
Math? Clear the field! I’m hitting with my eyes closed.
Ten different versions of sambar, Shakespeare, the existential crisis (ok I’m pushing it a bit there), – bring it on! But math? Je ne comprende pa (and I’m sticking to it!)