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Fortify your immune system

The importance of boosting your immune power is being stressed like never before in this time of COVID19.

Long before a pandemic claimed the world and even before scientists in the western world discovered the benefits of curcumin in turmeric, there was a practice of building up the immune system existent in Ayurveda.

The malayalam month of ‘Karkkidam’ (starting in the middle of July- August 16th) is one of the coolest months (not to be confused with the slang connotation but rather the temperature). As a predominantly agricultural state, Keralities used to view this as the time to rejuvenate their physical self because the monsoon prevented said activities. The unrelenting rains meant the people suffered rheumatic diseases, digestive difficulties and were thus susceptible to other illnesses. Fasting, informed food choices and consuming ‘karkkida kanji’ was recommended along with spiritual reconnection.

Herbs and plants used in karkkida kanji

Traditional knowledge about the goodness of consuming certain foods during changing seasons has been passed down through generations. ‘Karkkida kanji’ is a nourishing meal that boosts immune power and is prepared using a unique combination of herbs, spices, and grains. It is had for three or seven consecutive days( a meal per day) and is considered effective in counteracting rheumatic pains and increasing energy and stamina. An aunt of mine has recently shared a recipe for the kanji Nimmy&Paul

The kanji being prepared

The medicinal value of many herbs, plants and seeds are ingrained in most of us and are wonderfully effective home remedies. Water boiled with cumin seeds help relieve gas and bloating. A glass of water blended with a piece of ash gourd eases bowel movement (helpful info here!). Oo, and barley water alleviates an UTI.

Food helps sustain our physical self. Watching what we eat and also when we eat has a great impact on our immune systems.

Did you know that spices, herbs, honey, rock salt and even lamb forms part of Ayurvedic medicine? What are the local/cultural practises that you have unknowingly adopted as home remedies?


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